Maintenance and Custodial Work Requests

Augsburg iServiceDesk is your access point for requesting routine Maintenance and Custodial work. At this page you can:

**** Submit Maintenance or Custodial work requests.
**** Check on the status or progress of your requests.

Submitting a Request:

In the menu at left, click on ‘Submit a Request’, under Work Request.

Select your Facility:
Click on the double arrow next to the right of Augsburg College.

Select your Building:
Use the drop down arrow to see all choices and then highlight the building where the work will be performed. Click on the double arrow arrow to the right of the selected building.

Submit your Request:
Please fill in or pick from the dropdown menus information to complete all six (6) boxes. Under ‘Request’, the more information you can provide the better.

Click ‘Submit’ button.  Once submitted, you will be notified of the status of your request via email.  Make sure you note the work request number of your submittal.  You will use this later if you need to check on the status of work.

Checking Request Status:

Type the number of your work request in the ‘Search By Number’ field in the menu at left and then click on the double arrow .  You will then be able to see status information.


EMERGENCY REQUESTS should be directed to the Department of Public Safety by calling x1717. They will coordinate the appropriate response.